Brushing & Grooming Coat Fur

Brush and groom often

Self Cleaning BrushSlicker brushes are made with wire bristles and are valuable for working through matted or tangled hair. Frequent brushing removes excess fur and redistributes your dog’s skin oils throughout their coat. This ensures that less of your dog’s hair will end up on the furniture. When grooming your pet, take your time and be gentle. Working through snarls and tangles without care can cause your pet pain which will in turn cause them to avoid grooming. Taking care to ensure that brushing is a pleasant experience for both you and your pet will prevent it from being a chore. Instead it will become an enjoyable bonding experience for both you and your pet. The best way to gain your pet’s trust and cooperation is to make brushing a daily routine. Regular, daily grooming prevents large and painful knots from forming in your dog’s hair and promotes a beautiful, healthy coat. If possible, brush your dog outside to prevent loose hair from finding its way onto your furniture. No matter how frustrated you may become with your dog’s shedding, never be tempted to shave their coat. This leaves some dogs at risk for sunburn or even more serious problems such as skin cancer or heatstroke.

Woof Woof Baby features a Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. With just a simple click of the button ALL collected fur, hair & dander are instantly removed from the brush.