De-shedding tool options (Long Hair vs. Short Hair Breeds)

Using a de-shedding tool


If your pet has longer hair and is a heavy shedder you may want to  consider investing in a de-shedding tool. De-shedding tools, often referred to as "rakes" work by reaching under your dog’s topcoat to remove loose hair from their undercoat without damaging live hair or injuring their skin. Some de-shedding tools, when used as directed, can reduce shedding by up to 95%.

Woof Woof Baby features a professional 2-in-1 Dual Head Rake. This rake tool has 9 teeth on one side for getting tough mats and stubborn tangles out. The reverse side has 17 teeth for thinning out & de-shedding excess dead fur and dander. The design encompasses a Quality Stainless Steel Comb with rounded teeth & a Lightweight Non-Slip grip handle for stability and a comfortable hold. This De-shedding tool is particularly effective when used just before spring when dogs’ winter coats fall off and in the fall when dogs’ winter coats are just beginning to appropriate for animals with long hair and is easy to use. 

 Removable Head De-shedder For breeds with short or medium coats Woof Woof Baby features a Deshedding Tool with a detachable comb head. Easy to remove and install. It is engineered using a high quality stainless steel edge with precision teeth. The quick-release button allows for easy removal of captured loose hair. The comfortable Ergonomic Non-slip handle is durable and strong.