Remove fur from Home - Auto - Pet - Clothes

        As anyone that owns and loves a dog will tell you it’s impossible to completely eliminate your pet’s shedding. However, normal shedding can be kept under control by taking regular action. Simple maintenance can minimize the amount of loose pet hair in your home and car before it gets embedded into upholstery fabric. Frequent vacuuming is too cumbersome. Sticky tape rollers are only partially effective and require constant tape replacement.

Woof Woof Baby features a reinforced hollow Silicone Brick. The simple but effective design utilizes the scientific principle of static. With gentle pressure in a singular direction the motion activates natural forces to pick up loose hair, fur & lint. Everything is then captured in the textured surface. Just peel off & throw away. Easy clean up- just rinse.

  Keep your furniture and clothes free from fur, hair & lint with the Woof Woof Baby double-sided microfiber brush. Includes Free Travel Kit.

Stroke "against the grain" of the microfiber brush head. Easily removes pet fur, hair & lint. Works on car seats, carpets, furniture fabric and clothes. NOTE: If you're not seeing results please stroke the brush in the other direction. This Brush Works!

             Easy as 1-2-3                         

1. Brush away the fur

2. Dip the wand into the Self-Cleaning Base

3. Empty and discard fur from the collection chamber