Allergy Itch Ease™ Oral Spray for Skin Itch and Allergies
Allergy Itch Ease™ Oral Spray for Skin Itch and Allergies
Allergy Itch Ease™ Oral Spray for Skin Itch and Allergies

Allergy Itch Ease™ Oral Spray for Skin Itch and Allergies

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Homeopathic medicine for skin allergies

  • Relieves and soothes skin itch and allergies.
  • Addresses acute skin problems such as eczema and redness.
  • Stops scratching and calms your pet.
  • Supports the integrity of cells and layers of the skin.
  • Improves sensory balance of the skin.

What is Allergy Itch Ease™?

Allergy Itch Ease™ is a FDA-registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients known for their ability to soothe and relieve skin itch and allergies, as well as support the health and integrity of all cells and layers of the skin in cats and dogs.

Taken internally, the ingredients in Allergy Itch Ease™ address acute skin problems in canines and felines, including eczema, irritated red patches, "mottled" skin and itchiness. The ingredients also maintain the sensory balance of the skin and the supply of oxygen at a cellular level.

Allergy Itch Ease™ is also an excellent companion to Skin and Coat Tonic™, as it helps to support shine and systemic health in the skin and coat. Used together, Allergy Itch Ease™ and Skin and Coat Tonic™ can address acute symptoms of skin allergies, such as itching and redness, and provide long-term support for the skin and coat.

An Itch That Needs to be Scratched

The skin has a protective barrier that helps ensure that animals don't constantly itch. However, certain harmless factors such as grass or food allergies can lead this protective barrier in the skin to weaken slightly and allow nerve endings in the skin surface to become irritated, causing a common itching sensation on the skin. Pets then tend to seek relief for their symptoms by scratching, which can in turn worsen the skin's condition.

The Natural Way

The skin is the largest organ of the body. So, its health and vitality are best achieved by promoting systemic wellness for your pet, including diet and exercise. Don't over-bathe your pet. Doing so can make its skin itchy. Gentle brushing can help, but remember to be extremely gentle if your pet's skin has become sensitive from scratching.

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