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Natural medicine for symptoms of asthma and chest discomfort in dogs

Homeopathic medicine for temporarily relieving symptoms of asthma and poor respiratory functioning in pets.

  • Temporarily relieves wheezing and shallow, labored breathing in cats and dogs.
  • Reduces respiratory issues commonly linked to stress.
  • Promotes relaxed bronchioles.
  • Promotes healthy lung functioning.

Symptoms of Asthma & Respiratory Problems in Pets

Few things are more distressing than seeing your pet struggle to breathe through an acute coughing or wheezing episode. Everyday activities such as playing fetch outside could suddenly be too much for a dog; certain brands of litter may cause a cat to cough uncontrollably. Other symptoms of poor respiratory functioning can range from loss of appetite or weight and shortness of breath, all of which can lessen your pet's quality of life.

Dogs and cats of all ages may suffer from asthma, but it is more prevalent in younger or middle-aged pets. Many asthma attacks can be triggered by allergens in the environment. Mild cases of asthma might even go unnoticed or, in the case of cats, get misinterpreted as a furball. Mild cases can present as nothing more than a dry, hacking cough, possibly progressing to wheezing sounds becoming more obvious when your pet exhales.

You may notice shallow, rapid, labored breathing with marked movement of the abdomen. Your pet is trying to breathe in more air. Cats, for example, tend to extend their heads, possibly even adopting a praying position with elbows extended away from the chest.

Episodes of asthma can be triggered by allergens and stress. Some common allergens can include grass and tree pollens, fire smoke, cigarette smoke, fumes from cars and factories, dust (especially from cat litter), and aerosols of various sorts like perfumes, deodorants, and flea sprays.

Support your pet's respiratory functioning with these tips:

  • During a respiratory episode, keep calm to avoid stressing your pet any further.
  • Try to remove potential triggers from the environment.
  • Remember: There may be more than one trigger, so remove suspected triggers one at a time, allowing 2 to 3 weeks to see if symptoms lessen.
  • Do not expose your pet to smoke.
  • Minimize use of aerosols or make sure your pets are out of the room when in use.
  • Feed them a preservative and colorant-free diet; a raw, unprocessed diet is the most natural option for your pet.
  • Keep your pet fit and trim with plenty of playing and exercise.

How to use AmazaPet

Using a dropper or syringe, administer 2-3 times daily. If preferred, drops may be mixed with a small amount of water or food.

Cats and Dogs under 20 lbs: 4-6 drops.
Dogs 20-50 lbs: 0.25 mL.
Dogs over 50 lbs: 0.50 mL.

AmazaPet™ is a homeopathic remedy and is safe for animals of all ages. There are no known drug interactions.

How long until I see results?

Because AmazaPet™ is 100% homeopathic, it gets to work immediately at a cellular level - Natural remedies strive to create holistic balance supporting the animal upon the first dose. Within a few doses, the respiratory system is supported. While some animals need only a single dose, others may require additional doses, depending on factors such as the age and size of the animal. Most pets will begin responding to AmazaPet™ very quickly, often after one or two doses.

Response times vary from animal to animal, based on physiological composition and other circumstances - some animals see results after 3-5 days.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of AmazaPet™ drops contains 2 fl. oz. will last 30-60 days, depending on the size and dosage needs of your pet.

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