PetCalm™  for Pet Anxiety
PetCalm™  for Pet Anxiety
PetCalm™  for Pet Anxiety

PetCalm™ for Pet Anxiety

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Homeopathic medicine for nervous and highly strung pets.

  • Immediately calms anxious, stressed, and highly strung pets.
  • Reduces anxiety in pets with nervous dispositions.
  • Improves emotional balance.
  • Reduces distress during fireworks and other frightening occasions.
  • Calms excitability in competitive events.
  • Promotes nervous system health.

What is PetCalm™?

PetCalm™ Granules are a safe, non-addictive, FDA-registered 100 percent natural homeopathic OTC medicine formulated especially to relieve acute symptoms of fear and nervousness in cats and dogs, helping to calm and soothe your pet back to a balanced mood.

Use PetCalm™ regularly to reduce behaviors related to general anxiety and stress in high-strung or chronically anxious pets, or use it as needed at times of acute pet anxiety, such as when moving to a new home or going to see the vet, for relief from periodic symptoms.

PetCalm™ comes in convenient, dissolvable granule form. You can safely and easily sprinkle these pleasant-tasting granules on your pet's food or directly onto her tongue. The natural medicine will be rapidly absorbed in your pet's mouth - making them easy to administer. PetCalm™ is a natural remedy with no risk of side effects or addiction that can be safely consumed by animals of all ages and sizes.

Anxiety in Pets

Although certain animals have a more nervous temperament than others, traumatic events or exposure to particular stressors can upset even a normally calm animal.

Infrequent events like fireworks, a trip to the vet, or thunderstorms cause a lot of stress for household pets because their perception makes the noise or change seem like a threat. Even the everyday noise from a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner can frighten some animals. When pets are not introduced to potentially stressful situations when they are young - like being around small children or other animals - those will often cause a fearful or anxious response, as well. Of course, an abusive situation or change of owner has the potential to instill fear also, and those situations require patience and discipline to overcome.

Pets that are left alone for long periods without access to space for exercise and those fed cheap, low-nutrition diets will also develop high levels of stress and anxiety and may present aggressive or inappropriate behavior. In addition, pets are very attuned to their owner's stress levels. If you are anxious and stressed, your pet will sense it and react in kind. 

The Natural Way

The best approach to nervous system health is a holistic one. This includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a secure home environment - as well as extra support in times of stressful events like moving day.

Natural remedies can be very helpful for safely and effectively soothing fear and nervous anxiety.

 Here are some tips-

  • Although it's a natural urge to comfort your pet during times of distress, giving your pet attention when it displays bad behavior during a frightening episode such as a thunderstorm may actually encourage that behavior. Ensure that your pet feels secure, turn up the radio or television to mask loud noises, and provide a warm, cozily lit area for your pet to sleep in. Then do your best to ignore any unwanted behavior. It's not easy, but it's the best choice for your pet's overall health.
  • Be consistent with reactions to your pet's behavior. The whole family needs to follow the same routine when dealing with your pet's anxieties, or your pet will become confused and even more insecure.
  • Start socializing your pet at an early age, helping her to become accustomed to trips in the car, strange noises, children, noisy trucks, etc.
  • Engage in regular daily exercise with your pet to help both of you stay fit and manage everyday stress. Bored, frustrated animals are more likely to misbehave, and exercising together can build close bonds of trust.
  • A confident pet is a happy pet who gets lots of love from her owner, along with consistent rules and discipline.

How to use PetCalm™


PetCalm™ comes in convenient dissolvable granule form. The tiny granules are easy to administer to pets of all sizes and personalities with no fuss or bother, simply sprinkle into your pet's mouth or mix into their food. Administer hourly as needed. Thereafter administer 2-3 times daily for ongoing support if necessary.


Cats: 1 pinch
Dogs under 20 lbs: 1 pinch.
Dogs 20-50 lbs: 2 pinches.
Dogs over 50 lbs: 1/4 cap.


Get optimum results with regular use.

While conventional medicine works by often treating just the symptoms, natural medicine strives to create holistic balance in the body to support systemic health, relieve ailments, and help prevent future disease. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the natural ingredients in our remedies support overall health and functioning (rather than just suppressing symptoms).

To ensure your pet receives optimum results, it is important to administer natural remedies as directed and remain consistent. You may also find that giving your pet a smaller maintenance dose is beneficial for ongoing support. Many customers report using a regular maintenance dose as part of a preventative program for the continued health and well-being of their beloved animals.

How long until I see results?

Because PetCalm™ is 100% homeopathic, it supports the animal body on a cellular level - getting to work upon the first dose. Within a few doses, PetCalm™ will support your pet's emotional health and balance of the nervous system. Continued improvement will be seen with regular use. While some animals need only a single dose, others may require additional doses, depending on factors such as the age and size of the animal. Response times vary from animal to animal, based on physiological composition and other circumstances. While some animals begin to show an almost immediate improvement that increases over time, others will see results after 3-5 days.

How long does one bottle last?

One bottle of PetCalm™ will last for 15-30 days, depending on frequency of use as well as the size of your pet. Each bottle contains 50-100 doses, depending on the size of your pet.

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